10 Hobbies & Interests to Put on a Resume

A precise and gripping resume gives a solid idea of your abilities and skills to manage a specific job role. But are you a good cultural fit? No matter whoever said you should not include hobbies & interests in your resume, they do matter. Including hobbies not only adds personality to your resume but also exhibits key qualities of your personality.

Knowing this is also valuable to the organisation, provided you put hobbies and interests that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Not sure what you should put on a resume? Here are 10 hobbies and interests that can help pump up your resume:

1. Blogging: This is an interest that is relevant to most job positions and demonstrates your ability to network, communicate, articulate, and more. But make sure not to add anything that should be shared professionally.

2. Community involvement or volunteering: Studies suggest that employers prefer hiring candidates who have had volunteering experience or are involved with community activities. It reflects leadership and organizational skills, as well as show strong morals and great initiatives- something that potential employers will look for in the job candidates. 

3. Sports & gaming: Mentioning your knack for sports or gaming is a good way to express your soft skills in the resume. For employers, an interest in sports and gaming reflects your abilities as a team player or leadership qualities.

4. Art: Art and creativity is a hobby that you can include in any resume. Whether you love to paint, sculpt, take pictures, etc., it demonstrates you as a creative problem solver.

5. Travelling: Your knack for travelling exhibits your interest to experience different environments and cultures. This can make your resume shine, especially if the job involves working with geographically dispersed clients, partners, or colleagues.

6. Club memberships: Your involvement with a professional club or association speaks volumes about your abilities to interact with others and work as a team.

7. Learning languages: If you love to learn new languages, the hobby is correlated to memory skills, intelligence, and problem-solving skills.

8. Music: Whatever type of music interest you have, it reflects your willingness, creativity, and perseverance.

9. Reading: This is a must-include in your resume if you love reading. It shows how you follow your passion, maintain a work-life balance, reduce stress, and avoid cognitive decline.

10. Podcasting: Your interest in podcasting exhibits your industry expertise – ability to build an audience, marketing & networking skills, etc.

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