Inclusive Hiring Practices Your Organization Should Implement

Inclusive hiring is a process of connecting, interviewing, and selecting people from diverse mindsets to work together. The idea is to eliminate recruitment bias and discrimination against any individual or section of society. With this type of hiring, an organisation will have both, candidates with exceptional talents and mediocre capabilities. Here are a few inclusive hiring steps you must implement at the earliest.

1. Explain diversity and inclusion to your team

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are a process where an organization employs a diverse team of people. It also integrates all the elements that make one individual different from the other. Inclusive hiring looks to correct the discrimination while recruiting based on age, gender, religion, race, colour, disability, nationality, sexual orientation, political affiliation, marital status, etc.

Training the hiring team, including recruiters, on bias awareness and fair hiring will go a long way to ensure they support the work culture of diversity and inclusion you are developing.

2. Let the job descriptions be inclusive

The language and terms used in the job descriptions can be impactful while posting for recruitments. The post must be simple and focus on actual responsibilities and not requirements without specifically hinting at any preferences. Highlight experience and skills instead of qualifications where it is not essential; be gender-neutral in your writing.

3. Site must be easily available to all

While writing the job descriptions carefully, also ensure your career website is accessible to all viewers. Digital accessibility refers to inviting all candidates. The website must be legible even to the differently-abled or visually impaired. Pay attention to site navigation, colour palette, video captions, images, etc., to make sure people with impairments also can understand.

4. Let inclusion be a part of employer branding

Let the world know of your efforts towards diversity and inclusion in your organization. It will encourage more diverse candidates to apply. Take the candidates’ permission and post their pictures or and videos while they are at work.

Conclusion: Reviewing your current hiring practice will enable you to learn which candidates you have been excluding all these days. You will have to overhaul the entire hiring process or do it part by part as per your convenience.  

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