5 Common Interview Mistakes – Are You Aware of These?

The internet is flooded with advice on how to ace a job interview but as a candidate! However, very little is known about how poor interviewing skills of the hiring manager can sabotage the entire recruitment process.

Discussed here are the five most common interviewer mistakes you should avoid to ensure you have the right pool of talent for the job position.

1. Not Having Clear Understanding of What You Want

As a hiring manager, you should have a clear understanding of the job position and the key competencies you want in the candidate. This enables you to prepare for the interview and define the right questions.

2. Poor Interviewing Preparation

Yes; not just the candidate but the interviewer too should prepare well so that they do not botch an interview. It is good to maintain a spontaneous and conversational flow to understand the candidate’s skills and knowledge, as well as their attitude and personality traits. However, that requires you to have vast experience and the natural ability to improvise the interview based on its flow.

And for that, you need to be well prepared. Appearing nervous or being completely ignorant of the candidate can build a poor impression.

3. Making up Interview Questions On Spot

Many hiring managers follow a spontaneous interviewing approach and makeup brainteaser questions to check the candidate’s naturalness. However, this is not beneficial in understanding the candidate’s capability to perform a task successfully. Instead, focus on more powerful questions that help you gather valuable insights about the candidate.

4. Not Listening Carefully

The interview should be more of “listening” and less of “telling.” Ask open-ended questions and allow the candidate to speak.

5. You Rush the Interview Process

To find the best fit for any job position, be ready to spend time in the interviewing process. It is the best way to thoroughly evaluate a candidate and make informed decisions.

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