5 Virtual Job Interview Tips for Hiring Managers

As the COVID-19 pandemic has posed a serious threat to human lives, social distancing and remote working has become the new normal. Keeping the challenges in mind, many organizations are navigating the scope of remote hiring. According to Gartner HR, COVID-19 has forced 86% of businesses to leverage virtual technology for conducting job interviews.

Despite the benefits of virtual interviews, it is still unfamiliar territory for most HR managers. Fortunately, implementing these virtual interview best practices can help you get the best value from the recruitment process.    

Give Clear Instructions About the Interview

A virtual interview can be challenging for both the interviewer and the candidate. Therefore, it is important that all instructions are given out straight and clear, regarding the online platform of conducting the interview and directions on how to use it. If there is an app they need to download or set up an account, you should inform the same to the candidates ahead of time to help avoid technical glitches at the time of the interview.

Prepare for the Interview

Yes; you are the interviewer, but even you should be well-prepared for the remote interview. Avoid technical issues by using reliable technology that can help conduct the interview, even with multiple candidates. Ensure you have all the materials and information ready, including the job description and responsibilities, interview questions, the candidate’s resume, and other documents.

Prepare a list of Most Important Questions

Since it is a virtual interview, the questions should vary a bit and more focus on the concept of remote working. Therefore, you should prepare a comprehensive set of questions such as “how do you plan to manage to work at home with minimal disruptions?” “Why are you interested to work from home than in an office?” “What online communication tools you are savvy to use when collaborating with your team remotely?”

These should go in addition to other job-related questions. 

Besides preparing yourself for the interview, it is important to perform thorough research about the candidate and demonstrate professionalism during the virtual interview. You can also hire an experienced recruitment agency like Advanced & Best Placements to successfully conduct virtual interviews and hire the best talent pool.

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