Does Your Resume Keep Getting Rejected? Here’s How to Fix It

A resume getting rejected time and again can be a nerve-wracking experience for job seekers. Regardless of the professional experience and the type of job you are applying, the competition is cut-throat today. You send uncountable resumes, but only hear back from few.

So, what you might be doing wrong that’s causing the resumes to get rejected?

Here’s a quick look into the top mistakes you should prevent to get your resume from getting rejected:

1. Avoid too much fluff

Many first-time job seekers focus primarily on the layout, color, fonts, and formatting of the resume. But that is hardly a matter of interest for employers nowadays? They look for real content. Fluffy resumes with no genuine stuff are likely to get rejected.

To avoid this, emphasise on interesting or “meaty” projects you’ve worked upon, your technical skills, and achievements. This will help beef up the job seeker’s portfolio.

2. Tailor your resume based on the type of job

One of the most common mistakes that jobseekers make is using the same resume for different job positions. This increases the chance of getting rejected right away. May be it will not pass the employer’s Applicant Tracking System. To overcome this problem, tailor your resume to the job position you are applying for. Past work experiences, key responsibilities, achievements, etc. can be tailored for the job you apply to.

3. Be specific

Simply listing your professional achievements will not let you cut an edge in today’s competitive job market. Generalised accomplishments often look copy-pasted and unrealistic. Therefore, be very specific about what you achieved during your past jobs; do not beat around the bush. The resume should look well-rounded up than a general one.  

4. Applying for the wrong job

Most often, resumes get rejected because you have the right credentials, but you apply for the wrong job. For instance, if you are a front-end engineer and apply for a machine learning specialist, your resume is likely to get rejected. So, before you apply for a job, determine your skill sets and if they match up the job position. Identify the gaps and evaluate whether you are applying for the right job. Recruitment Central is a trusted employment agency in Singapore that connects job seekers with the right employers looking for qualified talent pool. Get expert advice on how to improve your resume and make it to the job interview right away.

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