Strategies to Successful Recruiting and Retaining Staff in 2021

Employee turnover can be significantly expensive for organisations, particularly in today’s scenario when businesses are struggling to keep pace with a declining economy and looming uncertainties. Therefore, HR leaders must take the time to recruit people who will genuinely add value to the company. Definitive steps should also be taken to put employees first, secure new talent and retain them in a meaningful way.

Discussed here are the key employee recruitment and retention strategies to follow in 2021:

1. Focus on Inclusivity and Diversity

Having a diverse workforce amid these challenging times is the need of the hour. Having different perspectives to do things often result in great ideas that can help improve overall operational efficiency. Furthermore, building an inclusive work environment leads to better job satisfaction, greater employee morale, improved productivity and reduced turnover.

2. Make Remote Working More Engaging & Flexible

The challenges of the global pandemic still linger. In this scenario, offering the option of remote work to recruits may significantly help. Offering a flexible and productive virtual work environment will cater to your talent requirements while ensuring the greater safety of your people and the community at large. This helps inculcate a sense of brand loyalty among employees.

3. Virtual Hiring and Onboarding Process  

With more businesses turning to remote working today, they understand the potential health hazards related to face-to-face interviews and employee onboarding. So, it is important to implement strategies like virtual interviews and onboarding. Digital platforms like Zoom or Skype are being increasingly used by HR managers to facilitate the process. Elsewhere, one can consider partnering with a licensed employment agency like Recruitment Central to manage and streamline the functions. 

4. Create Opportunities for Continuous Professional Development

Do you know lack of learning and development opportunities in the company is one of the primary reasons for employee turnover? On the other hand, internal training opportunities help upskill the workforce and keep them engaged – which is the need of the hour in tough times like these.

5. Give Your Employee Opportunities to Advance their Career

Good employees should always be appraised for their work and given lucrative career advancement opportunities. Otherwise, it may result in resentment and more turnover – something you do not want amid these uncertain times.

Finally, outsourcing your hiring and onboarding tasks to a specialist company like Recruitment Central will ensure better talent recruitment, effective management and increased employee satisfaction.   

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