When Should You Engage a Recruitment Firm

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the economy, organisations are witnessing significant shifts in their workforce. Amid these uncertain times, hiring the best talent pool while staying within your budget can be challenging, especially for small and medium sized enterprises.

Partnering with a recruitment firm like Advanced & Best Placements can help gain a competitive advantage by ensuring you have the best talent on board. If your company experiences any of the situations mentioned below, it is probably time to engage a recruitment agency.

1. You are looking for an in-demand or niche skill set

Certain job positions, like that of a sales professional with experience in SaaS, are simpler to fill. There are plenty of talents out there with specialisation in sales and SaaS. However, when it comes to hiring candidates for job roles like a Digital Marketing Analyst with proficiency in SQL, then it could be challenging for a company. 

Professional and licensed recruitment agencies like Advanced & Best Placements have access to a broader pool of highly qualified candidates. This enables us to find the most suitable talent across all niche and skill sets.

2. You want the job role to be filled at the earliest

Suppose your Sales VP has resigned right before you are set to launch a new product. Or, you have got a new client on board and your team is already stretching too far. This is one of the biggest challenges for any HR team when they’d require to fill the workforce gap ASAP.

Recruitment requires a significant amount of time, particularly if you need to handle the entire process – from sourcing to interviewing to onboarding. Engaging an industry expert will help speed up the process of recruiting, ensuring the workforce gap is duly filled on time.

3. You are responsible for hiring but have more strategic tasks to do

This is the most common scenario for small businesses that have limited resources. You need to be the jack of all trades, handling everything from recruitment to managing the company’s bottom line.

If you find recruitment is taking up a lot of your time, then you should have a professional agency like Advanced & Best Placements on board. This will help you save time and focus on what is more important to you – your business.

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