Why your talent strategy should include campus recruiting?

‘Why your organisation needs a strategy for engaging, sourcing, and hiring young talents for internships and entry-level positions’ is every man’s question.  

Usually, a typical tactic for medium to large-sized firms that have massive recruiting needs. They range their efforts from working with university career centres and providing internships in spring and summer vacation months and a final year dedicated internships and points that will only be with work experience gained through internships. Some of the most popular industries to provide them are technology, business consulting, engineering, finance and manufacturing or assembling.

The organisation’s hiring strategies can benefit from campus recruitment in multiple ways. This strategy would help you to fill one of the hardest positions to hire. The entry-level position, where post-grad students take up jobs that would help them prepare their talent for high volume recruiting demand through internships and build them through entry-level jobs and introduce them to the corporate culture. This is why you’d always find interns highly motivated and working hard in the enthusiasm of their future.

“True leadership isn’t about having an idea. It’s about having an idea and recruiting other people to execute on this vision.”

Talents of the youngest generation are easily accessed and built along with your vision through early campus recruiting. By the year 2030, Generation Z (people born between 1995-2010) is predicted to make almost 30% of the entire workforce, and this digitally woke and active generation is assured to bring significant impact to your organisation. Entry-level beginners are exhilarated through their thriving understanding of technology and the opportunity to do meaningful work by developing their professional skills. Campus recruitment taps into this generation of new talent and opportunities.

College recruitment has also proven to impact your business well beyond your scope of imagination by bringing the ability to quickly and efficiently build a network of young talent through their social connections via online media. Research Partners found that campus recruiting technology used by the companies and organisations is two times more likely to improve community engagement, three times more likely to improve retention in new employees, and brings twice the average productivity level.

As obvious as it stands, campus recruitment has benefits and reaches far beyond career starters and company presentations and workarounds like bringing coffee. A few innovative elements simply spice up your campus recruitment strategy to incorporate campus recruiting and see the changes in the work environment yourself.

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