5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Recruitment Placement

Recruitment is an important part of every business enterprise. Without recruiting employees, no organisation can function properly. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the obstacles and hindrances that can occur during the recruitment placement. 

Following are the various recruitment mistakes that the HRs should know about:

  1. Inaccurate job description: You should always describe the job honestly with elaborate advertisement. Your job description should comprise a list of duties, key areas of responsibility, the job’s overall purpose, and other similar details. You should never make the job position look more lucrative than it actually is. Otherwise, your new recruit may feel disappointed and leave the job.
  2. Reliance on an interview: Simply adhering to interviews can be quite harmful for your organisation. There are so many techniques and procedures to judge the capabilities of a candidate. Using innovative methodologies and engaging tests can make the recruitment process a huge success.
  3. Hiring less-qualified employees: More often than not, HR prefers to hire someone who is less qualified. This is done to make sure that the new recruits cannot over shine the HRs and managers. But an HR who thinks positively about the company ends up hiring a candidate who is smart, better and have greater skills.
  4. Waiting endlessly for the most eligible candidate: Never imagine the picture of the perfect candidate in your mind. You can end up waiting for the perfect candidate endlessly, thereby disturbing the entire recruitment process. Because of delay in new recruitments, other employees will have to share the extra workload, which will further reflect in his/her productivity. This will disrupt the output level of the organisation in the long run.
  5. Rejection of a client who is overqualified: It is common to reject a candidate who is overqualified for the post. But this practice is harmful for the organisation. An employee with a higher degree of qualifications can use his experience to bring value to your organisation. They can guide or train other team members, ultimately bringing value to your business enterprise only.

Recruitment Central understands these aspects and provides solution accordingly to meet your long term goals.

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