HR’s Guide to Pre-Boarding: Common To-Dos Before an Employee’s First Day

HR managers have the essential jobs of aligning HR strategy with business strategy, listening and responding to employees and managing transformation and change. According to recent research, organisations with a minimum of 2,500 workers spend almost $664 per employee on their HR functions. On average, smaller companies with less than 250 employees spend more, i.e., $2,375 per employee. Therefore, the role of HR becomes essential to guide the employees since their first day on cost-effective functioning.

HR’s Guide to Pre-Boarding 

Pre-boarding is the period from accepting the job offer to the new employee’s first day. As an HR, here is what you can do during this period for the job applicant:

  1. Sending Welcome Letters to New Employees

A letter congratulating them is the best way to make someone feel good about their workplace. The letter may also include a set of rules pertaining to the institution, instructions and directions so that the employee does not feel lost on the first day. You may also add a small gift for them and their family to make a good impression on the company. 

  • Taking Care of Details

Tiny details like clean working space, staplers with pin boxes, working stationeries, etc., can boost a lot of positivity in their mind. Moreover, the employee will understand that the company cares about them, which will enhance maximum productivity from them.                     

  • Creating a New Email ID

Setting up a work email ID for the employees is a great idea to give them a head start. Once it is active, you may help them with all the administration work via email and send them links for important meetings and presentations. This will make the job a lot easier and organised for everyone.

  • Setting Up an Informal Gathering 

It is always a good idea to break the ice by indulging in fantastic food. In addition, setting up a lunch or dinner gathering and including fun games in it will enhance work relationships. 

  • Providing a Mentor

A mentor will be like a friend and guide who will make the new one accustomed to the workplace atmosphere. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that you now know how to make your employees feel comfortable and positive on their first day.

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