Employee Check-Ins: 6 Essential Components for Success

Checking in with the newly recruited employees of a company is of utmost significance. It plays a vital role in ensuring that the new employees mould well into the office ambience. Furthermore, new hire check-ins ensure that the employees are comfortable with their roles and can concentrate on their jobs completely. Thus, check-ins can be an integral part of both the company and the employees.

Let us have a glance at the 6 essential components for successful employee check-ins:

  1. Smart, Strategic and Clearly Defined Goals: A company needs to understand and embrace the responsibility of the new recruits. This requires formulating questions and setting up new programs that would bring in valuable information for the organisation. Also, a proper system should be there, which ensures that the new employees get feedback on their responses.
  2. Convenience and Suitability: Ensure that the employee check-ins are suitable and convenient for both parties. No employee would like to devote 20 straight minutes participating in a survey. Keep it simple, straightforward and meaningful.
  3. Automation of Hire Check-Ins: When a company makes the process automatic using high-tech software, things get easier for both the new recruits and the company. Also, companies can make the process less complicated by outsourcing services.
  4. Conduction of Survey on a Regular Basis: Employee engagement and prevention of excessive turnover is the chief reason behind employee check-ins. If you ask your employee almost 6 months after hiring him how exactly they had felt on day one, you are definitely doing it wrong. Rather, a company should arrange for surveys regularly to take feedback from the new recruits.
  5. Just in Time: The organisation needs to ensure that the new recruits can easily share the opinions, ideas and feedback and get back to their work effectively. Also, the organisation should come back with apt feedback for each response of the employees.
  6. Swift and Impromptu: The company needs to be swift and offer impromptu response and feedback once the new recruits are done with their check-ins.

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