6 Ways to Spice Up Your Resume Summary

Amid today’s highly competitive job market and with the unemployment rate rising globally, making your resume stand out in the crowd can be challenging. You send tons of resumes but never hear back from any of your potential employees. The worst of it is that you know you are perfect for the job role. So, where are you going wrong? Start with your resume.

If your resume is just like most other you see around, then it is not doing you any help. Here are 6 ways you can spruce up your resume and grab the attention of your potential employers with a powerful summary.

1. Build it around impact and action

No employer is interested in job responsibilities that cover 10-15% of a resume. They do not care what you did in the last job. They care how strong the impact you made. So, the summary should highlight your best results, the action you had taken, and most importantly, the impact.

2. Use quotes

Including one or two powerful quotes or punchlines in your resume summary can help build a strong first impression. You can pick these from your performance reviews, LinkedIn profile, letters from clients or previous employers, or any source that emphasises your credibility or skillfulness. This is a little unlikely to be put on a resume but will instantly grab the attention of your potential employers.

3. Present your unique value

For an eye-catchy resume summary, add some spice to it by presenting your unique value. A resume that is too predictable and dry is a big turn-off for employers. They would only go through the summary and make an impression of you. That is why it is crucial to add a little personality to it, say, for instance, you can describe your approach to work.

4. Include awards and recognitions

If you have received awards or special recognition for your performance or attitude towards the work, a resume summary is the best place to include it. It will convey your worth to potential employers.

5. Replace “objective” with “value” in the summary  

Recruiters do not want to know what you expect from the job; they want to know how you can add value to the job. Make sure your summary focuses on that.

6. Highlight names

If you had the opportunity to work with reputable organisations, brands, or public figures, a resume summary is the best place to showcase it. This will catch attention and help create a good impression.

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