Video Resume: Make it a Great One!

For most job candidates, a video resume might seem daunting. But when you are struggling to find a job and looking for ways to stand out in the crowd, a simple & effective solution to bottle your x-factor and grab the attention of your potential employers is: video resumes. 

However, creating a video resume can be more complex than penning down a C.V. Here are some expert tips for you to create a cracking video resume that works.

Know Where You Should Use a Video Resume

First things first: the concept of getting in front of the camera and presenting yourself to your potential employer might sound intriguing. But you should know when to use one. Video resumes can set you apart when applying in the fields of marketing, PR, media, creative arts, fashion, journalism, digital, advertising or sales. 

However, it may not be acceptable for specific industries or jobs such as accounting, medicine, law, construction or engineering. So, it is important to consider the type of job you are applying for or the culture of the company you aim to work with. A little homework will never put you in a dilemma.

Write a Script

A resume is much thoughtfully written to make it stand out. The same should be for a video resume. It must have everything you need to cover – your qualifications, work experiences, accomplishments, etc. So, begin with writing a script and memorise it, if possible. Do not just read through it when in front of the camera as it can look unprofessional. Present the video resume with confidence.

Get Creative

A simple video alone is not enough to set you apart as a potential job candidate. There are numerous people creating video resumes today. Therefore, it is important to make it worth watching by adding creative elements and thinking out of the box. The Internet is flooded with excellent examples of creative video resumes that will give you some inspiration.

Keep it Short and Professional

Keep the video short and crisp, between 30 and 90 seconds. Anything beyond that may go unwatched. You can also shoot in HD quality and use modern editing tools to make the video look more professional and impressive.

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